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Awareness or Healing :
Thought on the Buddha's Birth Month

The Buddha had come to us on the planet. It means a lot for us to have an enlightened master and the Dharma teaching how to reach or realize the Buddhahood, a whole enlightenment seed, in you and me as the kernel of our beings. Using 'Collective Unconscious' suggested by G. C. Jung (a Swiss psychiatrist and analytic psychologist), none of us is a totally separated being. We are intimately and closely interconnected to each other in the oneness but just feel ourselves as separated through our ego or physical sensations in our personal conscious. A finger may think that a toe is totally another existence which is none of his (the finger’s) business. We all know that the finger and the toe are in the oneness, vitally connected to each other from a whole perspective. You and I are in the Oneness just as in one physical body system. Unfortunately, we just are not aware of this reality. We are not well trained or disciplined to be aware of in the genuinely realistic way. Once you ponder on the reality you will get the message in our heart that none of us is another person or another existence. The Buddha had come to the planet to let us be aware of this reality just like a stream of sunshine and mist come to grow the seeds to sprout and grow at the right time.

The Buddha said that all beings have 'Buddhahood' in them. In Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious, archetypes are there and the Self, the center of archetypes, or the real Self is set in the collective unconscious. The Buddhahood is also like the kernel of the seed which contains or reflects the perfect information on its color, shape, fragrance, and blooming season to the physical environment. Fortunately, we are standing in May when the Buddha was born to our planet, and we have the special month that we try to sharpen our spiritual antenna to become aware of and realize our Buddhahood.

We are destined to work through or experience a variety of sadness, loneliness, and despair in life as well as a twinkle of joy and amusement. Someone is writhing in great agony as he loses his dearest one, someone is in pain from loosing his lambs by car accident, and the other is being pinched by bankruptcy and being homeless staying nights in the street. Someone may be tormented by hatred, betrayal, and anger. Someone gets immerged into depression losing the meaning of life and seems never to get over the depression in life. The Buddha preached that we need to know “Life is agony and everyone lives in the world of suffering. Everyone suffers from birth, sickness, age, death, being with those we dislike, being apart from those we love, and not getting what we want. All kinds of problems and disappointments are unavoidable.” We ourselves proved or long for in our conscious or unconscious every morning right before we jump up from the bed that 'I do not want to get awakened any more and get sleep forever.' Though we have a bright smile on our face with the Persona, a social mask, we have a deep and black-hole-like loneliness or agony in the root of our heart. Yes, we do! It is a fact of our being. We have a deep sadness or suffering in us. Why is it?

These kinds of grief, sorrow, pain, suffering, and heavy sadness do not just belong to us human-beings. You may see seeds laboriously bursting through the solid ground, standing against a violent storm and heavy rain, and bearing up against so many heavy challenges. You may watch on a TV documentary program struggling baby tortoises running ahead to the sea right after hatching and meet so many dangers and hurdles such as their natural enemies, snakes, eagles, and high rocks. This also comes to plants, fish, animals, human-beings, ghosts, and maybe even to the angelic dimensions.

Depending on his or her dimension where he or she belongs to, the topography or shape of the agony and pain looks slightly different. We can not avoid these as we are predisposed to. If it is, isn’t it far more free or fortunate to be an animal to dig the ground than to be a plant? Being a deer that can run from death enough to hide him from danger is much better than being a struggling baby tortoise. Of course, being a human-being is unexplainably better rather than to be a big animal. Then, what about us, human-beings, dreaming of being free from the pain? Isn't it better to be an awakened spirit aware of the fact any pain is inessential and that 'Form is nothing other than emptiness and emptiness is nothing other than form'.

Your cell phone, a small cordless machine, rings at your office in Seoul and gets your friend's voice from New York on the phone, talking about planning an international convention. How is the voice transmitted from New York to Seoul? Is it in the form of particles or waves of phonological information? Then where and how is the phonological information stored in the air and transmitted to you the right person? As we get accustomed to it without thinking much, it just looks natural in our daily life and considers it all in a day's work. A navigator in your car, a solar battery calculator, and more modern conveniences are there, too. And what do you think about intuitive phenomena in aboriginal groups? We have more marvelous facts that there were reports that certain intuitive phenomenon is seen among humans. As one of the examples, in the recent Asian tsunami, aboriginal people sought out higher ground in the moments before the disaster, as did many wild animals. It might be just a rumor but maybe it is true. We all being in the universe are interdependently connected enough to get core messages and use the power and force of the universal energy as all wisdom has already been there. Aboriginal intuition of human-beings, natural blooming flowers, and autumnal tints, in the right time and with perfect colors and procedures are just like a variety of civilization ornament and more things beyond our perception and sensation.

Intuition, inspiration, and wisdom come more with age and with overcoming so many hurdles in life. I have confirmed in my belief with the lapse of time that we are in Oneness. No one is totally another person. Also, any suffering or pain is inessential and unsubstantial but just comes from our made-false image by our physical senses and wandering mind. It is just like a cloud blinking for a moment in the sky. If we are aware of our real self being interconnected to the collective wisdom and the universe, we have a lot of invisible, but definitely existing and acting, wisdom around and in us.

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