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Working with Children and Adolescents Who have Life Challenges

Many of our companions in the earth need support in emotional literacy. Others have behavior or mental health challenges at some stage that prevents them from fulfilling their full potential.

Some studies indicate that 20% of children have some form of psychological difficulties (Venables (1983); Rutter, Cox et al (1975); Jeffers & Fitzgerald (1991); Porteous (1991) etc) and that 70% of these are helped through the use of psychological based therapeutic services such as play and creative arts. PTKR’s experience based on working with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges suggests that any of us are resilient to life challenges in this fast-changing society.

Anxiety disorders
Mood disorders
Disruptive disorders
Substance use disorders
Any disorder
* Disorders include diagnosis-specific impairment and Child Global Assessment Scale

It is also essential to realize that mental health, like physical health, is as much about prevention as cure. It is fundamentally coming from agony of life, which of course helps us mature out of it but sometimes becomes a huge huddle attacking the individual and get him/her heart-broken. That is why we consider helping individuals with life challenges to be our self-discipline and self-awareness rather than doing therapy for others. Unconditional regards, respects, and professional knowledge and techniques will be the basic equipment for working with individuals with life challenges.

PTKR is a nonprofit association for PLAY and ART based research and intervention practice through holistic approaches, based on transplinary professionals’ cooperation team. We also seek for the AWARENESS and BEING AWAKENED of people involved in the program. We ourselves regard our association as artistic and spiritual commune to be the most sincere and effective in helping children and adolescents with life challenges.

Our major goal is to support children and adolescents with life challenges to be happy with their family and friends in their regular environment. Of primary concern is research and PLAY and ART based intervention practice focused on neurological approach through sense-potential-awakening training program of the children and adolescents with the help of their family, typically developing peers, neighbors, and those who are professionals in the field.

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